Terpeleset, ABK Kapal Tenggelam dan Hilang

sekitarjambi.com – Sadu, Salah seorang anak buah kapal di Desa Sungai Lokan, Kecamatan Sadu, Kabupaten Tanjung Jabung Timur dikabarkan hilang tenggelam di sungai, pada Kamis 30 Januari, sekira pukul 10.30 WIB.

Korban yang diketahui merupakan warga asli Desa Sungai Jambat tersebut bernama Aris, berusia 25 tahun. Berdasarkan informasi yang diperoleh, kronologi berawal saat korban tengah menyiram bekas tumpahan minyak solar di bagian depan kapal motor. Tanpa sengaja korban menginjak bagian depan kapal yang terkena tumpahan minyak solar. Dengan kondisi pijakan yang licin, korban pun terjatuh ke dalam sungai.

Kabid Kedaruratan BPBD Kabupaten Tanjung Jabung Timur, Indra S. Gunawan membenarkan hal tersebut. Dituturkan, kejadian telah dilaporkan oleh Camat Sadu, dan kini pihak BPBD telah menghubungi Basarnas guna mengirimkan bantuan dan mempercepat proses pencarian korban. “Kita mendapat laporan dan langsung menuju ke TKP,” ujarnya. Diketahui bahwa saat ini warga setempat turut berjibaku dengan alat seadanya guna pencarian korban .(Rma)


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    previously it was some what long-lasting, and that i somberly doubted we would create, before as of late. what went down? in reality, i reckon we both acquired sick to be offended, practiced to be have confidence in various other, to uncovered to enjoy various other.

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    Undoubtedly, the main purpose of coloring is to train a child’s hand. This is the development of fine motor skills, mastering new skills, preparation for school and for writing. But after all, in the process of coloring, the kid himself chooses the colors, combines them with each other for compatibility, shows taste, demonstrates artistic abilities, and expresses himself. This activity to some extent disciplines the child, teaches him to perform monotonous work for a long time, to bring the work started to the end, fosters perseverance, accuracy, independence (after all, after all, it is necessary to put all the objects in their places and clean up the workplace).
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    With the help of coloring pages, you can learn with a crumb of colors, shapes, numbers, letters. Also, older children have coloring pages with stickers, shadings, outlines, drawings – each develops the child in its own way, depending on his age. By the way, coloring is great for calming the nervous system and allows you to distract yourself from disturbing thoughts. This is a good way to divert your child’s attention away from problems or stressful situations.
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